Zodiac Cards

Inspired by the ancient lore of the zodiac, this series draws upon the constellations and mythology that still appeal to us today. These are all-occasion cards, perfect for birthdays and friendship. As always with the work of loaded hips press, images are created from original, hand carved blocks of linoleum, and printed both by hand and letterpress. 3 ½” by 5” in size, packaged with a brown kraft envelope made from 100% recycled content.

Aquarius the Water Bearer Aries the Ram Cancer the Crab Capricorn the Mountain Seagoat Gemini the Twins Leo the Lion Libra the Scales Sagittarius the Archer Scorpio the Scorpion Taurus the Bull Virgo the Maiden Pisces the Fish
Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion
3 ½" x 5"
Cotton Lettra
No. C0036