Loaded Hips started long ago as a zine about French pop stars and friends who designed their own clothes. The name came from a billboard ad with a young girl's torso. It became an annoying part of my day to have to see this on my bus ride home every evening, so I decided to take back the power of the female form. Since then, my work has evolved and simplified.

Although my work mainly draws on folk and simplicity, I'm inspired by the posters on the streets of Paris in the 1960s and other guerrilla printmaking. I believe in the raw beauty and the accessibility of printmaking. When the power fails and the lights go off, you can still crank the press and pull a print... It's magical.

Since starting loaded hip press, I've become a Mama and a Stepmom. This experience has enriched and deepened my curiosity and love of creating and sharing, and taught me patience — and gratitude.

I studied printmaking and painting at Portland State University and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. My work has been exhibited in such galleries and nooks and crannies as Motel, the Littman Gallery, the Basil Hallward Gallery, and Reading Frenzy in Portland, Oregon; and Craftland Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island.

Want to know more about letterpress printing? I learned the process in a community print shop, There's plenty of online resources to provide you with a backbone of knowledge, but I fully believe that nothing beats getting ink on your hands and running the press yourself. If you live here in Portland, check out the Independent Publishing Resource Center for affordable letterpress workshops.